This guide will instruct you on how to start playing sa-mp.

1. Click on one of the tabs at the bottom, you can choose between, "Favorites", "Internet" and "Hosted". (You can buy a space on the hosted tab from serverffs. (The "Official" tab is no longer existant)

2. Choose a server that you would like to play on and double click it. Then click connect.

3. You will start to connect, it will show a screen with san andreas multiplayer on it. Once you connect you will see messages on the top left, it is best if you read them.

4. In most modes you have to choose a class, use your arrow keys untill you see somebody you want to play as then click "shift" to spawn. Then play!


Sa-mp keys

Key What it does
F1 Displays the in-game help menu
T Allows you to chat & enter commands
Shift Selects a character while at the spawn screen
F4 Allows you to reselect a character (on death)
F5 Shows the network data (eg: bandwidth usage)
F6 An alternate of "T" (chat)
F7 Shows/hides the chat window
F8 Takes a screenshot
F9 Shows/hides the "death" window
F10 Hides the HUD
G Allows you to enter a car as a passenger
H Allows you to shoot while passenger (with a SMG)
Esc Shows/hides your current typing

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