Starting a server


Starting a sa-mp server may seem a brilliant thing to do, after playing at LS-RP or Valhalla and getting the idea that you could make your own server like that, but with this comes some risk, such as DoS and DDoS attacks, and if you are wanting a 24/7 server then you may have to pay for hosting and perhaps a scripter if you want a modified or custom gamemode. But if you are still seriously thinking of starting a server then read on. This tutorial will tell you how to start your server, change server variables like the gamemode and server name, how to control your server from rcon and perhaps a few more things. I am running windows XP so i will be doing a windows tutorial. (I don't know if it differs for linux?)

1. Read this here. This is made by the sa-mp team and if you have any problems then stop reading.

2. Secondly you need to download a server pack from here, The one most people will need to download is the one with the heading "SA-MP 0.2X Windows Server".

3. Once downloaded, extract it and get rid of the zipped file if you wish.

4. You should now see these files:

Type Name Info
Folder filterscripts Holds all the servers filterscripts
Folder gamemodes Holds all the servers gamemodes
Folder pawno Scripting tools
Folder scriptfiles Holds the files that can be writen/read from the server
.exe announce Announces the server on to the master list
.txt samp-license The sa-mp licence
.exe samp-server Starts up the server itself
.txt server-readme Short readme, gives info on the server.cfg
.cfg server Changes the variables for the server

5. Firstly open your server.cfg file and edit it to look something like this:

Option What to do
echo Executing Server Config…
lanmode 0 If you want to play over a home network only then change to 1.
rcon_password cheese Change this to something you will remember, but not so its easy to hack
maxplayers 10 Change this to a reasonable number below 200, if your just starting, go for 10
port 7777 Keep this as a default just for now
hostname My first server Change this to what you want your server to be called
gamemode0 lvdm I suggest using lvdm as a starting mode, you can change this later when you know how all this works
filterscripts Leave this blank right now
announce 1 1 means your server will appear on the master list, 0 is opposite
query 1 Leave this set at 1
weburl Put in your website address or leave it default
anticheat 0 Leave this at 0, may seem wrong but the anticheat was disabled by sa-mp a while ago
mapname Las Venturas Change this to what your map is

Keep all of this as it is, but do change the "rcon_password" to something other than what it is. Save and close this file.

6. Open up the samp-server.exe and a window should pop up and show some details, if it does not then open up the "server_log" document and see what the last thing in the file says, you will be told what the problem is and you should be able to fix it.

If you put the wrong name for a gamemode in then you will see this:

[16:45:58] I couldn't load any gamemode scripts. Please verify your server.cfg
[16:45:58] It needs a gamemode0 line at the very least.

7. If you have no problems then you can then go and start the sa-mp browser. You will need to know your local ip address to be able to connect.

To find this follow these steps.
1. Click your start button
2. Click run and type in "cmd" (without the quotes)
3. The cmd prompt should show up and you need to type in "ipconfig/all" (Again, without the quotes)
4. Look for the line that says "ip address" and then write down the number across from it.

Some examples of local ip addresses are:

Start of range End of range

Please note: Your friends cannot connect to these addresses!

8. Once you have you ip address you can add the server to your favorites and connect to it.

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